Experimental physics

Dr. Jürgen Reiche

Room:       2.024
Phone:      +49 (0)331-977-1504
Fax:          +49 (0)331-977-5485
E-mail:      jreiche@rz.uni-potsdam.de

Research interests:

  • Self-organization of organic molecules
  • Langmuir-Blodgett technique
  • X-ray structure investigation of soft matter
  • Materials for life sciences
  • Stimuli responsive polymers
  • Hydrolytic / enzymatic degradation of polymers

Selected Publications

  • Köpf, M.; Harder, H.; Reiche, J.; Santer, S.
    «Impact of Temperature on the LB Patterning of DPPC on Mica»
    Langmuir 2011 27:12354

  • Reiche, J.; Kratz, K.; Hofmann, D.; Lendlein, A.
    «Current status of Langmuir monolayer degradation of polymeric biomaterials»
    International Journal of Artificial Organs. 2010 34(2):123

  • Junginger, M.; Bleek, K.; Kita-Tokarczyk, K.; Reiche, J.; Shkilnyy, A.; Schacher, F.; Müller, H. E.; Taubert, A.
    «Calcium Phosphate Growth Beneath a Polycationic Monolayer at the Air-Water Interface: Effects of Oscillating Surface Pressure on Mineralization»
    Nanoscale 2010 2:2440.

  • Hofmann, D.; M. Entrialgo, M.; Reiche, J.; Kratz, K. and Lendlein, A.
    «Molecular modeling and experimental investigation of hydrolytically degradable polymeric biomaterials»
    Advances in Science and Technology 2010 76:16.

  • Junginger, M.; Kita-Tokarczyk, K.; Schuster, Th.; Reiche, J.; Schacher, F.;Müller, A. H. E. and Taubert, A.
    «Calcium Phosphate Mineralization beneath a Polycationic Monolayer at the Air–Water Interface»
    Macromol. Biosci. 2010 10:1084.

  • Reiche, J.; Kulkarni, A.; Kratz, K. and Lendlein, A.
    «Enzymatic Monolayer Degradation of Multiblock Copolymers consisting of Poly (e-caprolactone) and Poly (p-dioxanone) Blocks»
    Thin Solid Films 2008 516:8821.

  • Kulkarni, A.; Reiche, J.; Hartmann, J.; Kratz, K. and Lendlein, A.
    «Selective enzymatic degradation of poly (e-caprolactone) containing multiblock copolymers»
    Eur. J. Pharm.Biopharm. 2008 68:46.

  • Kulkarni, A.; Reiche, J.; Kratz, K.; Kamusewitz, H.; Sokolov, I. M. and Lendlein, A.
    «Enzymatic Chain Scission Kinetics of Poly (e-caprolactone) Monolayers»
    Langmuir 2007 23:12202.

  • Kulkarni, A.; Reiche, J. and Lendlein, A.
    «Hydrolytic degradation of poly(rac-lactide) and poly[(rac-lactide)-co-glycolide] at the air-water interface»
    Surf. Interf. Anal. 2007 39:740.

  • Akpo, C.; Weber, E. and Reiche, J.
    «Synthesis, Langmuir- and Langmuir-Blodgett Film Behaviour of New Dendritic Amphiphiles»
    New J. Chem. 2006 30:1820.