Experimental physics


Donnerstag14.15–15.45 Uhr2.28.2.066Prof. Dr. Svetlana Santer / Dr. Alexey Kopyshev


Donnerstag14.15–18.00 Uhr2.28.2.066 Dr. Alexey Kopyshev

Article for the 18th of May: Phase imaging and stiffness in tapping-mode AFM


  • B. Bhushan "Nanotribology and Nanomechanics" Springer, ISBN: 978-3-540-77608-6
  • P. Eaton, P. West "Atomic Force Microscopy" Oxford, ISBN: 978-0-199-57045-4

Free software for processing Scanning Probe Microscopy data:

  • WSxM (only Windows)
  • Gwyddion (GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD)

SEM images